Scientific Assessments

These assessments evaluate the latest best environmental scientific data, information and knowledge on key issues and trends that shape our world. They provide scientific outlooks and recommendations for decision-makers, informing policies and action to tackle environmental crises in effective and sustainable ways at local, regional and global scales. UNEP’s scientific assessment reports can be accessed via the UNEP Publications App on Android or iOS.

These assessments and their consultative and collaborative processes have worked to bridge the gap between science and policy by turning the best available scientific knowledge into information relevant for decision-makers.

These assessments lay the foundation for continued socio-environmental assessments across relevant scales, with a thematic as well as an integrated focus, enabling and informing societal transitions and the tracking of Sustainable Development Goal targets and goals as well as previously agreed internationally environmental goals. 

climate reports

Climate Reports

They highlight opportunities to bridge the emissions gap and the status and trends in progress on adaptation planning.                                               


Pollution reports

Pollution Reports

They report on the effects of pollution on the global lands, oceans and sea. They tackle issues in response to requests from UN Member States.


Biodiversity reports

Biodiversity Reports 

The report assesses the root causes of the emergence and spread of the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and other ‘zoonoses'.


Cross Cutting reports

Cross Cutting Reports

They provide a clear assessment of the current state of the environment, the challenges that we face and how well we have dealt with them.