Pollution Reports

Pollution Reports

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Global Assessment of Sand and Dust Storms

UNEP’s Global Assessment of Sand and Dust Storms was published in 2016 and produced in response to requests from UN Member States. It synthesises and highlights the environmental and socio-economic causes and impacts of sand and dust storms (SDS), and discusses technical measures for their mitigation, at the local, regional and global levels. The report also shows how the mitigation of sand and dust storms can yield multiple sustainable development benefits and provides information on current policy responses for mitigating SDS. Finally, options are presented for an improved strategy to mitigate sand and dust storms at the local, regional, and global levels, building on existing institutions and agreements.​

Contact person: Maarten Kappelle

Report on the Impacts of Sand and Dust Storms on Oceans

In 2020 UNEP published a scientific assessment report on the effects of sand and dust storms on the global oceans and seas. The report tackles the issue in response to requests from UN Member States made in several UNGA and UNEA Resolutions. This assessment report for policy makers discusses how an estimated two billion tonnes of dust annually raised into the atmosphere impacts marine ecosystems and what can be done to control the issue. References are made to how climate change triggers sand and dust storms and how microbial pathogens can travel long distances attached to sand and dust. ​

Contact persons:  Maarten.kappelle@un.org and Sofia.mendezmora@un.org