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Foresight Resources

The resources provide science-based information that highlight hotspots of environmental change, feature emerging science topics, or discuss contemporary environmental issues. The public at large and decision makers at all levels are provided with the opportunity to find out what is happening to their changing environment and the consequences of everyday choices, and to think about future directions for policy which they can influence through policy processes.

30 FBs Resources

A unique collection of foresight analyses, celebrating the milestone achievement of having published 30 Foresight Briefs, over a period of 5 years from 2017 to 2022. It is a novel foresight approach to the Science Policy interface. It takes a focused approach on emerging environmental issues, either hotspots of environmental change or topics, which has potential for emerging issue analysis. The Foresight Briefs from which this collection was compiled are accessible and easy to understand and aims to bridge the “communication gap” between scientists or scientific community and the policy makers and other civil society stakeholders who have a manifest interest in future analyses. It also adopts a novel foresight approach based upon “data” and a systems thinking perspective.