Permafrost change

Permafrost change

Permafrost, which covers 15 million km2 of the land surface, is one of the components of the Earth system that is most sensitive to warming. Loss of permafrost would radically change high-latitude hydrology and bio-geochemical cycling, and could therefore provide very significant feedback on climate change.

Credit: Adam Jones (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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Coastal and Offshore Permafrost Rapid Response Assessment

The goal of the Coastal and Offshore Permafrost Rapid Response Assessment (RRA) is to provide an assessment that represents the science community studying coastal and offshore permafrost as well as the specific interests of Arctic peoples who live along the coast.

This Rapid Response Assessment (RRA) aims to raise awareness about the importance of coastal and offshore permafrost and to identify urgent geoscience research needs.  Along with the science, this assessment considers the perspectives of Arctic peoples on the coastal permafrost issues that they struggle with on a daily basis and the concerns that they have for the future.