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The Sustainable Development Goals Policy Briefs highlight a hotspot of environmental change. The evidence provided builds on the scientific data and information hosted on Environment Live and is complemented by stories from the regions.

A significant lack of data has corresponded to a lack of investment toward achieving the environmental dimension of the SDGs. Currently, 68% of the environment-related SDGs do not have sufficient data at the global level to assess progress. If current trends continue, the world is on track to meet only 17% of the environment-related SDGs.

UNEP has identified 93 environment related SDG Indicators. Of these 93, UNEP is the custodian agency for 26 SDG Indicators.

Of the 93 environment-related SDGs indicators, 38% are Tier I (A methodology exists and data is available for more than half of countries), 37% Tier II (A methodology exists, but data are available for less than half of countries) and 25% Tier III (No methodology exists).

The 93 SDG Indicators related to the environment are:

More information on data availability is available in the Measuring Progress: Towards Achieving the Environmental Dimension of the SDGs.

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