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The Online Access to Research in the Environment (OARE) is a programme that provides environmental experts, scholars, researchers and policymakers in lower income countries, free or low-cost access to peer reviewed content online.

OARE is manage by UNEP. It has four sister programmes with the same objective, focusing on different topics and managed by other UN agencies: Hinari (health/WHO), AGORA (agriculture/FAO), ARDI (Innovation/WIPO), and GOALI (law/ILO). These five programmes form the umbrella Research4Life partnership.

Research4Life is a public/private partnership between the above-mentioned United Nations agencies, Cornell and Yale universities, and the International Association of Scientific, Medical and Technical Publishers as well as over 200 individual publishers. 

Research4Life collectively provides access to over 130,000 books, 30,000 journals and 20 databases and reference sources in more than 125 eligible countries and territories. 

Eligible countries are grouped in two categories: Group A (free access) and Group B (low-cost access).