Meeting Title: Workshop on the methods of the collection and management of data

Location: Benin

Date: 25th – 27th October 2022

SDG Indicators: 6.3.2, 12.4.2, 12.5.1, 14.1.1

Partners: Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development

Type: Environment Statistics

Brief description

The workshop aimed to introduce methodologies and strengthen Benin's individual and institutional technical capacities for the effective collection and management of environmental data and information for sustainable development. The workshop is part of a series planned as part of a national Intersectoral Capacity Building (ICB) project in Benin, funded under the Sixth Replenishment of the Global Environment Facility (GEF-6). During this workshop, the national experts and the contracting company manage to develop an Environment Information System for the collection and management of environment statistics. The system was build with Statistical Data and Metadata Standard compliant.


Agenda - Atelier sur les méthodes de collecte et de gestion des données
# UN Presentations
1 Outil d'Auto-Évaluation des Statistiques de l'Environnement (OAESE)
2 Echange des données et metadonnées statistiques (SDMX) - Aperçu du Standard
3 SDMX Model d’Information
4 Sustainable Development Goals Data Structure Definition
5 Echange des Donnees et Metadonnees Statistiques (SDMX) - Convertisseur SDMX
6 Echange des données et Metadonnées Statistiques (SDMX)- Scénarios d'échange et de diffusion de données
7 .Stat Suite
8 SDMX Reference Infrastructure
9 Annex 2 : Rapport d'atelier