WESR Story Maps

Biodiversity and Nature Loss

Making Nature's Values Visible


Last modification: January 2022

Impact of mining activity on the forest cover in DR Congo


Last modification: November 2019

The green backbone of our Planet


Last modification: 2018

Climate Change

Climate Change: a story map based on DPSIR

Climate Change: a story map based on the Driver-Pressure-State-Impact-Response (DPSIR) framework

Last modification: January 2022

Pollution and Waste

Environmental Assessment of Ogoniland, Nigeria, 2011


Last modification: January 2022

Monitoring Pollution with Earth Observation


Last modification: January 2022

Is my water safe to drink?


Last modification: 2018

Chemicals and Waste

How can digital tools support National Actions Plans of the Minamata Convention?


Last modification: January 2022

Eliminating polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)


Last modification: November 2021

El Bagre Zaragoza (Colombia) small scale mining

An Earth Observation based story of El Bagre Zaragoza (Colombia) small scale mining

Last modification: August 2020

Mining activities impact assessment in Democratic Republic of the Congo

High contamination in the areas surrounding abandoned mines and mining activities: an impact assessment of the Dilala, Luilu and Mpingiri Rivers, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Last modification: October 2018

Disasters and Conflicts

Nexus Environmental Assessment Tool

Assessing environmental risk in humanitarian settings: the Nexus Environmental Assessment Tool (NEAT+)

Last modification: March 2020

West Africa and the Sahel

Environmental and Socio-economic Data to Support Analysis of West Africa and the Sahel

Last modification: January 2020

Somalia Drought Impact and Needs Assessment (DINA)


Last modification: December 2017

Ocean, Seas and Coasts

Protecting our Caribbean Sea and Sustaining our Future



Last modification: December 2022

Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development (MSSD) dashboard

Innovative digital tools to boost the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development (MSSD) dashboard

Last modification: January 2022


Opportunity mapping to reduce disaster risks


Last modification: December 2022

Sustainable consumption and Production

Environmental challenges to sustainable consumption and production


Last modification: 2019


Water management in Sudan


Last modification: November 2021

Global state and trends of groundwater

Based on GEO-6 report, chapter 9: Freshwater

Last modification: 2019


WESR Geospatial components



Last modification: February 2022

MapX platform

MapX, an online, geospatial, open source platform for the management of environmental data

Last modification: November 2021

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