To support science-based national policy frameworks

Sustainable Consumption and Production (known as SCP) is about more and better socio-economic growth with less. It is also about decoupling economic growth from environmental degradation, increasing resource efficiency and promoting sustainable lifestyles. To design frameworks conducive to a shift to SCP, policy-makers need to be informed of the key national economic processes and activities that are generating the most harmful environmental and socio-economic impacts (so-called “hotspots”).

The “Hotspot Analysis Tool for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP-HAT)” aims at supporting science-based national SCP policies in countries around the world. The tool provides stakeholders of different levels of (policy) expertise with (1) an overview of a country’s performance with regard to SCP-related policy areas and (2) empirical evidence of hotspots of (un)sustainable consumption and production activities. The SCP-HAT allows for analysing direct as well as indirect impacts, i.e. supply-chain wide impacts, brought about by consumption and production activities of national economies.

SCP HAT’s methods and perspectives:

  • Based upon an environmentally extended Multi-Regional Input-Output (EE-MRIO) model coupled with information from Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA)
  • Tracing all pressures and impacts occurring at different stages of complex supply chains
  • Applying two perspectives: domestic production and consumption footprint
  • Using same methodology and homogenous datasets for all countries
  • Capability to compare different environmental categories, pressures and impacts, domestic and footprint perspectives and countries among each other
Module 1: Country Profile 
  • For policy makers, NGOs and the general public.
  • Key information on country’s  environmental performance
  • Clustered in seven environmental categories
  • For each environmental category, policy context and main indicators used are explained.
Module 2: Hotspots Identification
  • For policy advisors and researchers with expertise
  • Toolbar with a range of SCP indicators (environmental and socio-economic indicators) for hotspot analysis
    • Comparison of national vs. footprint perspective
    • Comparison of country to regional average/ Comparison of regions
    • Sector analysis & comparison
    • Trade balance
Module 3:SCP-HAT’s standard reports