Indicator 6.6.1


6.6.1 Change in the extent of water-related ecosystems over time (Tier I)

This indicator tracks changes over time in the extent of water-related ecosystems, which includes the following categories wetlands (swamps, marshes and peatlands), open water (rivers and estuaries, lakes, coastal waters and reservoirs) and groundwater aquifers. A combination of earth observation and ground-based data will be applied. Three principal aspects (spatial extent, quantify of water contained within these ecosystems and the health or state of these ecosystems) are monitored.

In SDG 6.6.1, there is a two leveled approach: (1) global monitoring and (2) national monitoring and each level has a series of SDG sub-indicators. For all segments of the methodology, an attempt to monitor at both levels has been made. Currently, global monitoring data products exist for: surface water extent, mangrove extent, wetland extend and water quality (using chlorophyll-a and turbidity as a proxy). All data is on the


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6.6.1 Progress on Water-related Ecosystems – 2021 Update
6.6.1 Protecting and restoring freshwater ecosystems (with caption)