Indicator 14.2.1


14.2.1 Number of countries using ecosystem-based approaches to managing marine areas (Tier II).

This indicator aims to look beyond just simple marine planning, but to understand the full picture from ridge to reef. This is consistent with the approach outlined in UNEP's Marine and Coastal Strategy.

The proposed indicator is the

  • Number of countries using ecosystem-based approaches to manage marine areas (measured through ICZM (Integrated Coastal Zone Management), marine spatial plan or other area-based, integrated planning and management in place)

For countries with Marine/Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) in place, these plans can be helpful to assess ICZM. For other countries, it is important to identify ways to measure existing plans and to build capacity for integrated planning. All data for this indicator will be based on country submissions to the Regional Seas Programme or direct submissions from countries for those that are not a Regional Seas member. UNEP is developing a data reporting system which is will build on the Indicator Reporting Information System (IRIS) which is part of the World Environment Situation Room to collect information from the Regional Seas on this indicator.


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