Climate Change and Disaster-related Statistics (DA14 WS 2.1)

Workstream 2.1: Climate Change and Disaster-related Statistics

Workstream 2.1 is one of the six workstreams of the Statistics and Data Project “Resilient and agile National Statistical Systems to meet post-COVID-19 data needs to recover better” under the 14th tranche of the United Nations Development Account. The workstream is facilitated by UNESCAP and UNEP and implemented in collaboration with UNSD and the UN Reginal Commissions. WS 2.1 aims to enhance the capacity and understanding for statistics related to climate change and disasters of 50 beneficiary countries through various workshops, as well as tailored methodologies and guidelines for National Statistical Offices and relevant organizations.

Main Output

Output 1

Increased knowledge of beneficiary countries on their status and gaps in enhancing resilient and agile National Statistical Systems (NSS) and addressing current and emerging needs for climate change and disaster-related statistics.

Planning activities:

Output 2

Enhanced capability of target countries to produce quality, granular and timely statistics for climate change and disaster to measure and mitigate the impact of COVID‐19 and eventually monitor sectoral recovery and safeguard policies, leaving no one behind.

Planning activities:

  • Development of one roadmap for each target country.
  • In-person national workshops in target countries to improve respective NSS’ resilience and agility and address current and emerging national data needs on climate change and disasters.
  • Regular remote interventions, including advisory services and virtual workshops, to support target countries and guide them towards the implementation of the roadmap.