2nd Expert Consultation – Measuring Progress: Nature and the SDGs

Meeting Title: 2nd Expert Consultation – Measuring Progress: Nature and the SDGs

Location: Online

Date: 23rd - 24th September 2020

Partners: University College London and Chinese Academy of Sciences

Brief Description

UN Environment Programme agreed on a list of 93 Sustainable Development Goal indicators that are of specific relevance to the environment dimension of the Sustainable Development Goals. In March 2019, UNEP launched the report ‘Measuring Progress: Towards monitoring the environmental dimension of the SDGs’, which analysed the state of the environmental dimension of sustainable development, including the availability of statistical and spatial data.

The second edition of the the Measuring Progress publication will focus on the relationship between actions that countries are taking that have impacts on the environment, the state of the environment in countries, and the secondary social impacts, in the context of the SDGs. The publication aims to assess the relationship between the state of the environment indicators (e.g. water quality, water ecosystems, air pollution, forest area, sustainable forest management, species at risk), direct drivers of change indicators (e.g. Including species at risk, clean energy, freshwater and marine water quality, chemicals, waste and hazardous waste), and socio-economic development indicators (including human health, food security, disaster and climate change, and economic and social development) using the SDG indicators as basis.

An Expert Group on Measuring Progress: Nature and the SDGs was created to participate in the drafting and review the upcoming publication. As a follow-up to the first successful meeting of the Expert Group that took place in April 2020, the 2nd Expert Consultation was held on 23-24 September 2020. The objectives of the meeting were to:

  • Present the finalized report methodology;
  • Present the detailed outline of the report;
  • Discuss experts’ contribution and support to the development of the publication.

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Measuring Progress II Outline
Measuring Progress II - S1: Introduction
Measuring Progress II - S2: Methodology and Results
Measuring Progress II - S3: Report Outline
Measuring Progress II - S5: Experts Contributions and timeline
Measuring Progress Methodological Brief
Measuring Progress Drafting guidelines
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