Waste Pollution

Waste generation nearly doubled between 1970 and 2000[1] and continues to grow exponentially. Waste is a global issue, and if not properly dealt with, waste poses a threat to public health and the environment. It is a growing issue linked directly to the way society produces and consumes goods and services, and it concerns everyone.

Waste management is a cross-cutting issue impacting many aspects of society and the economy, and it has strong linkages to a range of other global challenges such as health, climate change, poverty reduction, food and resource security and sustainable production and consumption. The political case for action is significantly strengthened when waste management is viewed as an entry point to address a range of such sustainable development issues, many of which are difficult to tackle.

With the application of modern technologies, best available techniques and best environmental practices, waste can be applied as a resource for which valuable materials and renewable energy resources can be recovered. Waste utilization strengthens the concept of circularity in which very little or no material goes to landfill.

Waste Pollution

[1] United Nations Environment Programme and International Solid Waste Association 2015