Goal 17

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17.14.1 Number of countries with mechanisms in place to enhance policy coherence of sustainable development

Promoting policy coherence for sustainable development is important in several ways, including for achieving sustainable development in its three dimensions (economic, social and environmental) in a balanced and integrated manner; for ensuring coherence between policies at various levels of government; and for ensuring that policies in different sectors are mutually supportive and do not work against each other.

This indicator is a composite indicator which covers mechanisms related to:

  1. Institutionalization of Political Commitment
  3. Long-term considerations in decision-making
  4. Inter-ministerial and cross-sectoral coordination
  5. Participatory processes
  6. Policy linkages
  7. Alignment across government levels
  8. Monitoring and reporting for policy coherence
  9. Financing for policy coherence

The methodology attempts to capture the main types of policy coherence mechanisms, so that governments may assess and report on the mechanisms already in place and aim to establish any that are missing that they deem useful to further enhance policy coherence. The detailed metadata is shown in this document.

Indicator work flow

Contact: Ludgarde Coppens