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12.6.1 Number of companies publishing sustainability reports

The work related with this particular indicator is determined to be addressed generally in two phases according to UNEP:

  1. providing metadata to measure the current SDG indicator 12.6.1, and
  2. formulating an improved indicator and related metadata to fully measure SDG target 12.6.

As for Phase 1, ‘development of metadata to measure indicator 12.6.1’, UN Environment proposes to formulate the necessary definitions of terms of in indicator 12.6.1 firstly and then to map the sources of information that currently provide related data (by partners). For Phase 2, ‘Formulation of an improved indicator for SDG target 12.6 and developing the corresponding metadata’, the concrete work plan for the second Phase will be jointly agreed by the partners in the course of Phase 1.

The metadata for this indicator can be found here and the detailed methodology is shown in this document.

Indicator work flow

Contact: Ludgarde Coppens