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Mountain regions are globally distributed, with specificities based on their altitude and latitude. They are particularly vulnerable to climate change as there is evidence that warming rates are amplified at higher elevations, which not only impacts local biodiversity and populations but has indirect effects far beyond mountainous areas. In this context, mountain research is key to better capture and understand interactions between the various mountain ecosystems with goal to mitigate as much as possible climate change direct and indirect effects in mountain environments.

As data and knowledge sharing play a key role in mountain research, it is essential to have an easy access to existing mountain resources in the most comprehensive way. The goal of this platform is hence to provide access to the most relevant existing resources for the benefit of the various communities concerned with mountain environments.

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The WESR-Mountains platform, under continuous development, aims to centralize all relevant mountain research content for the benefit of the United Nations. It links as much as possible to existing authoritative sources with proper citation, but also gives access to original data created in the frame of UNEP/GRID-Geneva activities.

WESR-Mountains platform

A dedicated MapX project for WESR Mountains provides access to key mountain relevant geospatial datasets. These are organized into relevant categories inspired by the work on Essential Climate Mountain Variables led by the Mountain Research Initiative (MRI). Access to these datasets is currently restricted but will be open very soon.

Visit the data: https://app.mapx.org/?project=MX-IXP-F6R-H5U-GA8-DTT

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