Foresight Briefs

Foresight Briefs highlight a hotspot of environmental change, feature an emerging science topic, or discuss a contemporary environmental issue. They provide a systematic way of examining possible future outcome of emerging environmental issues that can also inform decision making today. UNEP's Foresight Briefs aim to present emerging issues, systemic insights and possible policy solutions on a wide range of topics related to our environment in a short readable document.


Causal Influences:

(+) Influence is in the same direction

(−) Influence is in the opposite direction

Current Foresight Brief

Current Foresight Brief

The economic importance of locusts is evident from their impacts on livelihoods, food security and nutrition, economic development and on the environment. This foresight brief discusses some of these issues and highlights the possible role of climate change in locust infestations. Predicting and controlling locust outbreaks are some of the major challenges that countries face. Addressing these issues requires well organised early warning systems that operate within an integrated pest management context and employ innovative strategies such as ecosystem-based approaches. However, these can only work if governments employ a joined-up approach to policy implementation at all levels; collaborating with development partners and addressing some of the underlying causes.

Foresight Projects

UN System Informal Strategic Foresight Network (HLCP)

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